Prior to 1996, Mercy Regional EMS was referred to as Angel of Mercy. In 1996, the entity was purchased as a joint venture between two local healthcare firms. After this acquisition, the entity became known as Mercy Regional EMS.

The original Angel of Mercy operated the ambulance service for approximately 30 years. The service operated out of several different locations within Paducah/McCracken County before settling into its' last termed location of 126 Lone Oak Road, Paducah, KY.

1999 marked a major turning point in the history of Mercy Regional EMS. The entity gained a new management team that set forth a new direction for the ambulance service in the upcoming years. Mercy Regional EMS set priority in focusing on better service for the community by branching out into a second station located in the more eastern portion of the County. With this station secured response time to greatly reduced to that portion of our service area. Mercy Regional is once again exploring options of further branching in this same capacity in an effort to provide a better quality of care to our community.

By late 2005 Mercy made another strong change in operation by moving into a new headquarters of operation. This facility allowed for a much needed growth and expansion with accommodations not only for housing of our staff during their shifts, but improved operational arrangements with offices and training facility. With already having the initial sub-station in the Eastern portion of the County, the Headquarters of Operation was established more Westerly and afforded EMS response very strong strategic location for improved response now covering high population areas of Paducah-McCracken County area.

In early 2012 the addition of 2 stations to further improve the response capabilities of our organization in providing better geographical access to the residents of Paducah/McCracken County. Additional stations being located in downtown Paducah area as well as Lone Oak area of McCracken County now secure the highest level of response capacity possible at this time.


Mercy Regional EMS provides the highest level of pre-hospital care available to approximately 85,000 residents across 312 square miles. Due to Paducah and McCracken County being a regional interest point for retail and other activities, the day time population swells to exceed an estimated 130,000. Due to the population swelling at various times, our employees are offered a wide variety of calls in which paramedics and EMT's alike are challenged to respond.

The Emergency Medical Service System

Mercy Regional EMS maintains their own communication center known as Medcom. Medcom's two major responsibilities are to dispatch and coordinate all EMS resources within Paducah McCracken County and coordinate all requests for emergency medical assistance. All service requests are monitored with the entity's modernized CAD system. All 9-1-1 calls for Mercy Regional EMS are routed to Medcom via McCracken County Central Dispatch.

Mercy Regional EMS is complimented by a network of medical first responders who respond with paramedic units of all serious and life-threatening emergencies. First responder service in the city limits of Paducah is provided by the Paducah Fire Department. All Firefighters are certified to the EMT-First Responder Defibrillator level. First responder service is provided in the county by local volunteer fire departments. All technical rescues are coordinated by the above mentioned services as well as Haz Mat 1. Haz Mat 1 is Kentucky's first regional hazardous materials team and is based within McCracken County.

Mercy Regional EMS operates approximately 4 EMS units 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All paramedic units have one EMT and one Paramedic. All medical personal are trained within state guidelines. All attempts are made to maintain fully staffed ALS units however on occasions BLS unit utilization is arranged by management staff for various interfacility transports

Currently Mercy Regional EMS utilizes type I diesel modular ambulances on a Freightliner chassis as the 911 service vehicle. Smaller ambulances are utilized for the non-emergency transports that occur. Presently, Mercy Regional EMS owns seven 9 ambulances that could be deployed in a moments notice. The current fleet plan ensures that no ambulance will be over 5 years old.

Operations and Medical Command

Individual paramedic units are under the leadership of the paramedic who is responsible for all patient care on his/her respective scene to include the actions of the first-responders as well. Daily field operations are conducted under the supervision and command of the Major on duty. Senior administrative management is provided by an Executive Director. The leadership and operation is augmented by quality improvement, communications and support services. Training and continuing education for personnel is provided by Mercy Regional EMS's training officer. Classes are provided on-site daily and is considered part of employee's daily duties. Medical direction is provided by local physicians. Paramedics provide Advanced Life Support under standing orders as defined in the department's patient care protocols which have been adopted as a state model. Having a physician on staff ensures that the citizens of Paducah McCracken County receive the highest standard of care.

Medical Facilities

Mercy Regional EMS transports primarily to two hospitals within the county. However, non-emergency transports may take us to any number of medical facilities throughout the region. Paducah McCracken County is the hub for medicine for Western Kentucky.

Today and Beyond

Mercy Regional EMS currently responds to greater than 90% of all requests for emergency services within 8 minutes. During any twenty four hour period, 35-40 calls are dispatched. Mercy Regional EMS is one of the busiest ambulance services in western Kentucky. In 2001 MREMS responded to over 10,000 calls and conducted over 12,000 transports.

The field of emergency medical service is rapidly evolving. Mercy Regional EMS is mirroring the larger changes being experienced throughout the medical marketplace as a whole. In 1998, Mercy Regional EMS, along with the board of directors from each hospital, began to address the needs of emergency medical care within Paducah and McCracken County. Issues were discussed and solutions were brought forth. Together they are committed to meeting the needs of the future in the ever growing Paducah-McCracken county area. The goal was and continues to be the enhancement of Mercy Regional EMS in order to create a high-performance EMS system.

The opportunities at Mercy Regional EMS are enormous for any EMT, Paramedic or emergency medical dispatcher who is looking for new challenges and rapid advancement potential. Considerable attention from across the state is being focused on the transformation that is currently taking place in McCracken County.

The design of the future in EMS is underway at Mercy Regional EMS. Why not consider becoming a part of that future as a team member of Mercy Regional EMS!

This overview of the Mercy Regional Emergency Medical Service is intended for information purposes only.

Mercy Regional EMS

Mission Statement

Mercy Regional EMS is committed to the philosophy and practice of ensuring the highest quality of emergency medical care while adhering to our Christian heritage that was established by our Father, Jesus Christ.

Values Statement

Members of Mercy Regional EMS shall remain focused on the following to ensure personal and organization success:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Willingness
  • Desire
  • Motivation
  • Self Relentlessness
  • Respect

Vision Statement

Mercy Regional EMS, through diligence and excellent emergency medical care practices, shall continue to provide and deliver exceptional medical services to the contingency in which it serves.